Working With Us


When we partner with your business, we want to make sure we have the most up to date inventory of your systems, hardware, software and business process so that we can optimize, refine and improve your business from an IT standpoint.

Every new client will undergo:

  • A network assessment - to find any security holes or issues with your existing network.
  • A hardware stock take - all your existing hardware will be
  • Antivirus - we will scan all of you r existing tools for any existing viruses or malware, and remove any issues.
  • Remote Monitoring - our remote monitoring software will be installed to ensure we can quickly and easily monitor, update and change your systems if and when you need us to.


West Coast IT will continually monitor, update and manage your infrastructure to ensure everything is secure and virus free, whilst also ensuring that your business data is securely backed up.

Our consultants will meat with you regularly to discuss how we can use technology to grow your business, or help you manage technology as you grow.

Our team works hard to ensure that IT problems are a distant memory, and that you dont have to fight your computers to do what you need to get the job done.

West Coast IT are the experts in discussing your technical business problems in jargon-free English. We promise to never waste your time with technical information that isnt necessary, and always give you the best computer systems.