Decrease Costs

Spend Less – Get More

Your business can run smoothly as long as your IT works, as it should. Our Managed IT Services platform enables you and your employees to focus on doing their jobs instead of dealing with IT problems. The result is that you have increased productivity with no adverse effect on profitability. West Coast IT will set up and maintain your entire network, including hardware, software and processes. With our help you can get your technology up to speed and have your business running smoothly without interruption.

Fix Problems Before They Happen

With no one really managing your IT infrastructure, you are at risk for unexpected downtime, data loss or something even more catastrophic. With West Coast IT’s Managed IT Services, you won’t have these worries.

Predictable Monthly Payments

Rather than guessing what to budget for IT, why not stabilize your costs? With our pricing model you can do exactly this while receiving top quality ongoing services that would be unaffordable otherwise.

Get Your Team Together

Businesses can easily squander time and resources on duplicated work. With a well-managed network you can unify your workforce for optimum productivity.

Take Advantage of Technology

When you stress over IT problems, you’re not focused on building your business and generating revenue. By having West Coast IT monitor and manage your IT systems and network, you are totally free to do what you do best. We can help you leverage your IT infrastructure to handle more than you ever imagined. Call us to discuss your needs so that we can help you achieve greatness.

Increase Productivity

Work is something you do, not necessarily someplace you go. Equip your workforce to do a whole lot more, in a lot less time, wherever they happen to be working from.

Automate Your Workflows

Do you have a tried and true business processes that can be replicated exactly each and every time, or are you hanging onto the old and inefficient ways?

More Uptime is More You Time

The less time and frustration you expend on dealing with IT headaches, the more time you will have to do what needs to be done to generate income for your business.

When We Say “No Worries,” We Mean It

The Internet has proven to be the single greatest blessing for small to mid-sized businesses. But, it can also bring many frustrations. With West Coast IT's Managed IT Services providing first-rate security, you can relax knowing that we are protecting your IT infrastructure using leading industry best practices. Your worries about suffering downtime, being attacked by viruses and losing data will be over. Our state-of-the-art platform guarantees to keep your system protected with all data backed up, as well as running smoothly so you can focus on running the business.

Managed Security

West Coast IT offers a fully managed multi-layered approach to security. We provide an end-to-end security stack to ensure the safety and security of all business assets is maintained around the clock.

Out of Office Security

When you are trying to get work done on the go, you can be sure that your information remains protected, even when you log onto a coffee shop’s Wi-Fi. Our workplace remoting and mobile device management systems ensure that your information and assets stay safe and secure, even if a device is lost.

Bulletproof Backup

Four times an hour, every 15 minutes we backup our clients’ data. This keeps them safe from downtime, virus attacks and even ransomware threats, which are unfortunately becoming more common in [primary-business-area].